Wedding Program Illustration

Wedding Program Illustration


I'm an artist from Evansville, IN that went to school for art, then science, then art again. I finished with a degree in graphic design but them stumbled into marketing. In 2016, I made it a point to inject more art back into my life.

Now, I am traveling part-time to comic and horror conventions, participating in gallery shows, and selling my merch to folks around the world. Dream come true!

Iā€™m an avid fan of movies, tv, and comics with a great appreciation for horror and science fiction. I tend to focus on those subjects in my art but I also love animals. Old comic book styles, old ads, and vintage monster masks are among my favorite things to mimic.


A little More about me:

I collect:

  • postcards

  • stickers

  • stationery

Some of my favorite artists include:

  • Adam Hughes

  • Mike Allred

  • Gil Elvgren

  • Alphonse Mucha

  • Phil Noto

  • Margaret Bourke-White

  • Kehinde Wiley

  • Brian Bolland

  • Patrick Nagel