Belated Free Comic Book Day Post!

I realized I never posted on here about my Free Comic Book Day experience - it was a blast! This is a repost from my Facebook update of the event:

💖🍕 A big --Thank You-- to all of you fine folks that stopped by to chat or to look at my art. Special thanks to those of you who helped raise $70 for Another Chance for Animals and $25 for the Lamasco concrete park!

I had a great time at Comic Quest Evansville and, as always, they were great hosts who put on a great #FreeComicBookDay event!

Also want to thank my table neighbs, the Smith Bros (The Art of Tim Smith), who are always fun to be around. Tim's metal artwork was so cool!

Super-mega thank you to my husband too! He is always so eager to help and be a part of my art. My biggest fan 😍 I couldn't be luckier 🤓