Enamel Pins are IN!

So, so, so excited to get these puppies in this week. I'll be revealing all the designs on my Instagram so be on the look out! Pre-sale will start this weekend!


2018... What's Going On?

2018 has already started off on a relatively bad foot. I've been art-silent lately because of my dad's recent stint in the hospital, 2 sick dogs, and more duties with my roller derby team (I'm Creative Head for 2018! Woot!)

Hoping to get back on track by catching up with some pet portraits, a website redesign, and a logo design for a future toy store!

Lots in the works if I can just catch a break.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for more :)

Convention Schedule for Fall 2017

Kentucky Expo Center | Louisville, KY October 28-29, 2017

Kentucky Expo Center | Louisville, KY
October 28-29, 2017

If you didn't catch me at Free Comic Book Day or Tri-Con perhaps you can make it to Louisville for Derby City Comic Con, October 28-29th!

Veterans Memorial Coliseum | Evansville, IN November 18th

Veterans Memorial Coliseum | Evansville, IN
November 18th

If you aren't able to see me then (as it seems like ONE MILLION EVENTS are happening that Saturday), I'll be doing another convention in my hometown of Evansville, IN. The first annual Evansville Comic Con & Collectibles is a one day event happening on November 18th (the week before Black Friday)! They already have a HUGE selection of toy and comic vendors and I know a lot of my local artists buddies will be there. Come out and see us! Entry will only cost $5.

Belated Free Comic Book Day Post!

I realized I never posted on here about my Free Comic Book Day experience - it was a blast! This is a repost from my Facebook update of the event:

💖🍕 A big --Thank You-- to all of you fine folks that stopped by to chat or to look at my art. Special thanks to those of you who helped raise $70 for Another Chance for Animals and $25 for the Lamasco concrete park!

I had a great time at Comic Quest Evansville and, as always, they were great hosts who put on a great #FreeComicBookDay event!

Also want to thank my table neighbs, the Smith Bros (The Art of Tim Smith), who are always fun to be around. Tim's metal artwork was so cool!

Super-mega thank you to my husband too! He is always so eager to help and be a part of my art. My biggest fan 😍 I couldn't be luckier 🤓