invasive Species Project

My invasive species series was created during a fellowship program at my college, post-graduation. I created a series of infographic posters with the intention of teaching my audience more about these biological villains. You'll notice that most of these creature seem rather innocuous – how could a flower really do much harm to the environment? Especially pretty ones! But, looks can definitely be deceiving.

Each of these organisms are destroying the diversity of plants and animals by outcompeting native species (the animals and plants that naturally occur here) for resources like food and space to grow. Most of the animals or plants on these posters don’t have any natural predators in the places they invade, so they start to dominate spaces and push out native species. Invasive species force native species to move on or die out. This is problematic because they disrupt the food chain, so, anything that relies on native species to survive is also at risk. 

I chose animals and plants that can be found in Indiana because it hits close to home; these critters directly affect my community or nearby communities.



The postcard booklet uses imagery from the posters and that idea stemmed from my own love of collecting postcards. I created these the posters and postcards using a more Pop Art style because of my love for the movement, the time period, comics, and the art of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I tried to create a mash up the art of Warhol and Lichtenstein by simulating screen printing, using dotted patterns, and limiting my color palette.